Nite rote

The sound of the ocean is relentless, this is the nite rote

Options Option

tattle in the sky

ten days after the full moon

the lion attacks

transform rarity

under the auspices of health

mushrooms from wildlife

the neurotic curtain

reveals this is not a museum

this is a workshop


it is sunset when

I am homesick for the stars

her curves make shadows

This Happened

Her: Do you feel the need to comfort her?

Me: I feel the need to comfort everyone.

Mother Teresa

microcosm of hyphens

the last word never said

sail through the hull

if I hunt the stars

I am a lion you are the cosmos

let this sink in love

Markets of Study

the sky dies on a Friday afternoon

it makes the world elegant with sadness

Thalia laughs and gets drunk

A Rarity

the universe sees

you float outside the airlock

gentle with love


the sky pours out

who can say where it begins

yet where it peels back

we divide a secret

between the luminous and obscured

with focus on pleasure

Slow Light

we long to behold

the mountain that fell from space

in slow red moonlight

Miles and Kilometers

remembering the future

is the most painful state of being

Thalia’s quiet laughter


I’d give you the crown

if I thought you were ready

to use the bowstring


in Pompeii’s voids of ash

love is a commitment

made under the eyes of death

during the blood moon

we see all the sunrises and sunsets

of earth in one moment

everything has happened

well before we were aware of it

hills so far in the eyes


my cut fingers will

endurance of memory

from a clay sculpture

on the dead sea shore

salt crystals mimic history

rote waves roll onward

the sunlight fell hard

upon the edge of our bodies

through cracks in the sky

So Will Be

neon sting is fate

for the hidden creatures

we encounter in leaves

Running Dry

see you tomorrow

the moon says to the pale blue dot

gravity’s drip sustains 

Fresh Bread

her patch of the sky

is all moonlight and chaos

that I want to hold

she does her makeup 

as I ask about sacrifice

landslides and earthquaks