Nite rote

The sound of the ocean is relentless, this is the nite rote


The sound of the ocean is relentless, this is the nite rote.

Often something like a haiku. In this place there are places. Out of context quotes. Pretending, certainly that. Sometimes music and harmonies. Perhaps, a film or a video. Words, hooting and hollering, and quietly. Nite rote is the celadon cellar door to some of my thoughts.

Haiku are short poems (commonly they have 17 syllables structured in lines of 5, 7, 5, but these are merely suggestions) about nature that juxtapose ideas or images. It is often said that haiku should show not tell. Actually much of what I write are Senryū. Actually much of what I write are just terse poems. Senryū are short poems similar to haiku. Senryū focus on human endeavors and may carry a darkly humorous tone. I should add that these are all vague things. Often I write haiku and behind the haiku is a universe of memories and thoughts. It is a struggle for me to compress the universe to near singularity of three lines. Perhaps, what is lost in precision is gained in openness. But sometimes the haiku is merely a farce or an observation. You may look at them as shallow or deep. Choose either at your own discretion.

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